First of all….

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog couple of months ago.  As I’ve read and watch, media is not as objective as I’d like.

#Massmedia in #English is always showing distorted facts and events, so, as I’m worried about it, I thought it’d be great if someone starts a blog in English, showing somehow the reality. So, why shouldn’t I….

Many, but many times (really), I’m seeing how mass media only shows the worst part of their truth. Someone once said “A lie said thousand times, becomes truth” or something like that. But what about my truth? And what if my truth reach the ears, or in this case the eyes, of some of those who spend their times watching and listening these lies? It could start a question and answers session in their brains, but the most important part: the questions.

The title of this blog is precisely why I create it. As a way to exchange ideas, thoughts, opinions. It’s opened to position, red or blue, right or left wing, liberal, moderates, doesn’t matter. I’ll only erase the opinion of whom try to impose their points of view, without facts based on reality.

A note:

Maybe you might find mistakes as I write, but my intentions are focused on sharing ideas, so if you, the reader, could forgive my mistakes from the very first glance and concentrate on getting the whole picture, I’ll be happy and we’ll all be winners.

And a final note:

As I don’t have much free time, I’ll reblog news from the MEDIOCRE MEDIA, because I might find a starting for discussions.

Be safe.

The exchanger