10 Years of #EvoMorales


President Evo Morales was sworn-in 10 years ago.

Since Bolivian President Evo Morales was first elected in 2005, his administration has secured dominance over the country’s political landscape, despite often relentless attacks from the right wing and the media.

During his first term, Morales faced fierce opposition from the country’s wealthy population located in the departments of Beni, Pando, Santa Cruz, and Tarija, where elites opposed the approval of a new constitution. Political tensions erupted into violence in September 2008, but have quieted since then.

President Morales, the country’s longest serving leader, currently maintains approval ratings of around 66 percent, according to a November survey carried out by polling agency Ipsos.

Historically one of South America’s most unstable countries, Bolivia has enjoyed economic growth and political calm under Morales, the country’s first indigenous leader. Its economy has also tripled in size.


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