Cuba to Raise US Occupation of Guantanamo During Obama Visit

Cuba has maintained that the full restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries depends on the satisfactory resolution of issues like the blockade and Guantanamo.

“Therefore, for us, discussing matters such as this and others, form part of this effort we are making to build a new relationship with the United States,” said Vidal.

After five decades of tension between the two countries, with diplomatic relations normalized only in the last year, anticipation for Obama’s visit to the island is growing.

“The U.S. president will be welcomed by the government of Cuba and its people, with the hospitality that characterizes us,” said Vidal. “We believe it will be an important opportunity for him to have direct contact with the Cuban reality and everything we have been doing in recent years in our country as a result of the sovereign decisions of the government of Cuba.”


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