#Bernie Sanders Supporters Have Taken Over #Twitter and It Is Glorious

Despite the corporate media repeating the “Hillary is inevitable” narrative ad nauseum after the March 15 primary contests, Bernie Sanders’ base is taking Twitter to tell everyone why they’re refusing to give up. As of 9:30 Eastern time on Wednesday night, #StillSanders was the top nationwide trend on Twitter:


One tweet compiled a list of popular progressive issues ranging from trade, war, the environment, Wall Street, marijuana prohibition, LGBT marriage equality, and campaign finance reform, and put Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s records side-by-side:Tweets making a case for Sanders as a compassionate leader who has a long record of looking out for disenfranchised populations went viral, as did tweets about Sanders’ consistency on fighting poverty and income inequality.

Clinton’s delegate lead is likely to erode after the coming Western primaries, where Bernie Sanders is the favorable candidate in Pacific Northwestern states like Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Large states with lots of delegates at play, like New York and California, are home to a significant number of Sanders donors, as well.:

Sanders’ delegate count is only slightly behind Hillary Clinton’s, as he only needs 58% of the vote going forward. And as Twitter users pointed out today, half of the delegates in the Democratic primary have yet to be awarded, and most of the states where these delegates are up for grabs are in states where Sanders enjoys vast support, both in votes and donations.Others chose to look at Sanders’ viability in the general election. According to New York Times election results, Sanders won 460,316 votes to Donald Trump’s 458,151 votes in North Carolina.However, this tweet from @cindywaitt shows why Sanders supporters won’t stop backing their favorite candidate: Bernie Sanders isn’t just a candidate, but a movement.

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