Trump Juggernaut Rolls on; Clinton’s Big Night Poses Hard Questions for Sanders Campaign and His Youthful Supporters

Will the Clinton and Sanders campaigns come together? I’ really don’t think so. There is a pigeon and a hawk in the same side, and both are enemies (philosophically). Bernie’s thoughts are on the opposite side of Hillary’s.

Bernie has lost both super tuesdays and doesn’t gain as much superdelegates as Hillary, so the question is: Is there any way to wake up the young voters for Bernies?

Presidential primaries

Last updated Mar 16, 2016 at 5:00 PM GMT-6

Delegate results

2,383 needed for nomination · 2,308 available
Pledged delegates 1,139 825
Super delegates 467 26
Pledged delegates are based on state primary results, while super-delegates can support any candidate. Delegate results aren’t final until the convention in July.
Dropped out: Chafee, Lessig, O’Malley, Webb

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