Whether it’s #Bernie or #Hillary, #Trump or #Ted, will #USelection2016 ever change anything in the country run by Wall Street greed sustained by foreign intervention?

Racial injustice, Guantanamo, gun violence, free trade deals, deportations, threats on countries in its backyard, wars in the Middle East — the next president of the United States will have a lot on ther plate.

Super Tuesday saw a dozen states, American Samoa and Democratic voters who live outside the U.S. voting on who should be the presidential nominees of the Republican and Democratic parties. More delegates were up for grabs on March 1 than on any other day in the campaign, with most going to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, although neither got the decisive victory they hoped would assure them their respective parties’ nomination.
Now the race turns to states more friendly to Bernie Sanders, including those like Michigan hit hard by the “free trade” policies Clinton promoted as secretary of state.

The frontrunner for the Democratic Party, backed by its establishment and the arms industry, is still Clinton, who has won 672 delegates compared to 477 for Sanders (her lead becomes formiddable when counting so-called “superdelegates,” 458 of whom support her,
compared to 22 for Sanders).

Clinton’s history ranges from dubious — flip-flopping on issues such as gay marriage — to outrageous: backing a coup in Honduras. It’s that history Sanders is hoping to exploit.
According to the latest polls, a Sanders win would be good for the Democratic Party: he’s doing better against Donald Trump in a general election than Clinton herself. The self-styled democratic socialist has won over the youth and intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky and Coronel West with his calls for free college and healthcare, giving the Hillary campaign a run for its Wall Street money. Bill Clinton has compared the Sanders insurgency to the right-wing Tea Party, but while Sanders may not be the left-wing hero some are hoping
for — run-ins with the Black Lives Matter movement and his stance in favor of airstrikes in Syria and the Afghanistan war have raised eyebrows — such desperate comparisons reflect the desperation of the Democratic Party establishment.

Meanwhile, for the Republican Party, it increasingly looks like The Donald might actually win this thing. Trump’s transition from capitalist scumbag to would-be capitalist statesman has been fuelled by racism and xenophobia and fascistic rhetoric that has even
been debated in the United Kingom Parliament. But Republicans don’t seem to mind that his policies are built on an attack on logic and based on an irksome personality that has somehow formed a cult.


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