The vote for the #AmericanPeople

DibujoLess than 30 percent of United States eligible voters have participated in the country’s presidential primaries in both Democratic and Republican races so far according to several polling and survey services made public this Wednesday, while at least 42 percent of the voter population is registered as “independents”.

According to the latest figures by Pew Research Center, only 17 percent of Republican registered voters have participated in primaries so far. On the Democratic side, only 11.7 percent participated in the party’s primaries.

Pew Center said “primaries attract far fewer voters than general elections, even though they determine whom voters get to choose from come November.” The center said that while 129.1 million U.S. voters, or 53.6 percent of the estimated voting-age population, cast ballots in the presidential election, only 28 million participated in that year’s primaries.

But 2016 primaries season has so far seen one of the highest turnouts in three decades. The biggest turnout ever took place in 2008 when more than 70 million people voted in the primaries on both sides, almost half as much as those who voted in the general elections.

Meanwhile, Trump has so far gathered 21.9 percent of all the votes in the Republican primaries, while Hillary Clinton won 25.7 percent of all the votes cast in the Democratic primaries so far, according to Fair Vote website.

lso 60 percent of the U.S. population have a negative view of the real estate billionaire while only 36 percent have a favorable view of him, according to a recent poll by the Huffington Post.

On the other hand, 54 percent have unfavorable opinion of former Secretary of State Clinton and 42 percent approve of her. Independents with no affiliation to any party consitute 42 percent of all U.S. voters making them an important factor in deciding the next president of the United States.

Several polling services have showed that more than 70 percent of U.S. voters have yet to cast a vote in favor of any of the presidential candidates.

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