Uxmal. At The Beginning There Was An Egg / Na początku było jajko

Nareszcie urlop

A long time ago Uxmal was ruled by a mighty king. His power was absolute and the city was so great, no one and nothing dared to threaten it. There was however a legend which stated that once the city gong is heard, the city will fall from the hand of a boy, one who wasn’t born by a woman.

At the same time, there was an old woman living on the edge of Uxmal, a witch whose big, hidden desire was bearing a child. One day she stole an iguana’s egg, covered it with a piece of cloth and hid it in a dark corner of her hut. She watched over it daily hoping good gods would smile upon her bad fortune. It did not take long before the egg hatched and a dwarf was born whose destiny was to change Uxmal’s fate forever.

When a couple of years…

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