#Lenin Moreno will Walk alongside Ecuadoreans

Quito,  Singing the verses written by Antonio Machado, with music by Joan Manuel Serrat: ”Walker there is no path, you make the path as you go”, Ecuadorean President-elect Lenin Moreno promised before thousands of people to keep the path of the Citizen”s Revolution.

His melodic voice resounded in the middle of the night when he sang the song on the tribune built on Los Shyris Avenue, across from the headquarters of the Alianza PAIS Movement, of which he is a member.

Young people, women, families, senior citizens and children accompanied the president-elect, who will succeed Rafael Correa on May 24 to lead this South American nation for the next ten years, a period that many have described as the Won Decade, due to the economic, political and social achievements.

Flags, vuvuzelas, banners supporting the former vice presidents and slogans like ‘Lenin, friend, the people are with you’, flooded the place, which is often used by the opposition to hold demonstrations against the government.

On this occasion, since Sunday afternoon, the day of the second round of presidential election, those who always bet on the continuity of the Citizen’s Revolution started to gather in that area to be close to the headquarters of Alianza PAIS.

Thousands of people had gathered there after the first official report from the National Electoral Council after 20:00 hours, local time, when Moreno’s victory was confirmed.

From the podium and with his usual sweetness and strength, Moreno promised to continue the path taken by Correa in 2007 and to deepen the true changes experienced by citizens since then to improve their welfare.

Eradicating poverty, eliminating children’s malnutrition, improving the lives of senior citizens and promoting the creation of jobs and entrepreneurship, above all among youths, will be some of the new administration’s priorities.

One of the main commitments is to fight against corruption from the past, the present and the one that may appear during his administration.

Moreno called on all Ecuadoreans ‘to continue to build a better country’ as a tribute to the promoter of new Ecuador, outgoing President Correa.

‘Thanks, Rafael,’ noted the winner of the election, who warned that his hand is lent to work even with those who did not vote for him.

At 23:00 hours and with 95.97 percent of votes counted, 39,314 of 41,042 protocols, 51.12 percent of voters had favored Moreno, while his opponent, Guillermo Lasso, had won 48.88 percent.

The night ended with a musical exchange between the outgoing president and the president-elect, along with the people.



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