#Cuban Medical Brigade in Its Second Week of Activities in Peru

Pirura, Peru,  The Cuban medical brigade begins its second week of work in the shelters of victims of the heavy rains and floods in this northern Peruvian city and its surroundings.

The Cubans are preparing to start another day of work after a week in which they have treated 3,667 patients, to whom they gave preventive guidance, told Prensa Latina the brigade’s chief, Rolando Piloto.

The solidarity group, which brings medicines and its own tents and subsistence, shares the daily lives of the thousands of refugees in five camps, has also provided 212 educational talks attended by 4,141 victims of the rain.

Pilot pointed out that to this is added 83 audiences attended by 1,318 and 165 actions to determine chlorine in the water consumed in the camps.

The weekly balance includes 1,265 feverish surveys in tents to detect possible cases of transmissible diseases and 134 actions by Cuban epidemiology staff. Survey or risk assessment.

The brigade, of epidemiological profile, is composed of 23 doctors and other health professionals and is part of the international contingent Henry Reeve, specialized in disasters and rescue to go where they are needed.

The Cubans arrived in Lima on March 31, where they had a coordination meeting with the Health Minister, Patricia García, and the following day they traveled to Piura, where they arrived when the city and the region of the same name was totally flooded.

The brigade continues a tradition of nearly half a century of solidarity with Peru in such circumstances, which began with the arrival of Cuban doctors to assist those affected by the deadly May 31, 1970 earthquake, which caused the destruction of dozens of Populations and the deaths of tens of thousands of Peruvians.


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