#French Academicians Praise Cuba’s Scientific Potentiality

Havana,  The organizers of the Franco-Cuban Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation today highlighted Cuba”s progress in medicine, education and biotechnology, as well as the enormous potentiality for the two-way cooperation.

Everyone recognizes Cuba’s strength in medicine, health and education. Either Latin America and the rest of the world admire this Cuban achievement,’ he said.

Speaking exclusively to the news agency Prensa Latina, the representative of the French Academy of Sciences, Jean-Rene Garcia, stated that with several decades of mutual exchange it is possible to continue strengthening the scientific ties between both nations.

In this regard, we need a much more organized collaboration and increase the number of researchers in centers of interest for both countries, he said.

The idea of the first Cuba-France forum, which will be in session from April 10 through 12 in Havana, is to boost the exchange of knowledge, he stated.

Garcia pointed out that social sciences also have a space in the debate sessions, since there is a significant academic link in this field between both nations.

On the other hand, the Counselor of Cooperation and Cultural Action of the French Embassy in Cuba, Francoise Couchaud, told the news agency Prensa Latina that Cuba has a very promising scientific field due to the quality of its researchers, universities and centers of excellence.

He also stressed that biotechnology is the most-debated area due to the important advances made by Cuban experts in this industry.

As part of the scientific exchange, European participants will visit some Cuba’s scientific centers of reference such as the University of Havana and Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine.



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