#Cuba, Mexico and the USA Win Medals in Ballet Competition

Havana,  Ballet students from Cuba, Mexico and the United States now hold the medals of the 14th International Youth Competition and the 4th International Children”s Competition held in this capital.

In the first minutes of this day, the winners still held their medals on the outskirts of the National Theater of Cuba, as the closing ceremony of the contests and the 23rd International Meeting of Academies for teaching the ballet concluded around midnight.

The ovations were uncountable throughout the ceremony, whose first part focused on the delivery of the awards, which were mostly in the hands of Cuban dance artists in the six categories and grand prizes.

Dance teachers and critics from Venezuela, the United States, Mexico, Italy and the Netherlands, were members of the jury presided over by the director of the Cuban National Ballet School Fernando Alonso, Ramona de Sáa.

Also on behalf of this Caribbean country was the first dancer of the National Ballet Viengsay Valdés, who presented the Grand Prix of the competition to Katherine Ochoa and closed the gala with a spectacular interpretation of the pas de deux of Don Quixote, with Patricio Revé.

The classical representatives of Cuba, Mexico, and the United States combined experience, grace, courage and intelligence on the scene of the National Theater of this island to confirm the proclamation of present and future stars of ballet.

This was announced by the hand program and did not disappoint, the 23rd International Meeting of Academies for the teaching of ballet had a luxury closing yesterday, as the winners of the 14th International Competition for young students and the 4th International Children’s Competition shone technically and artistically.

They jump and turn in unusual numbers and quality for their tender ages, perform characters, transmit emotions, behave on stage as in a natural environment and, in addition to talent, display charisma.

To bring together into a single show laureate students, young recent graduates of the National Ballet School Fernando Alonso and experienced first figures of the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) was a dream of the teacher and National Dance Award Ramona de Sáa.

The director of the 23rd Meeting and competitions was able to make it happen and share it with the representatives of a dozen countries that arrived in this capital to participate in the academic days from April 9 to 19.

When the National School of Art was born 50 years ago, BNC young dancers integrated the founding faculty and the graduate students themselves became their stage partners.

This school-company relationship continually bears fruit and, to a great extent, functions as a guarantor of the world prestige of the Cuban school of ballet.

This was demonstrated by the young Carlos Patricio Revé, who at the age of 18 accompanied the experienced Viengsay Valdés in the pas de deux Don Quixote and not only helped her to shine to as usual, but showed his own virtuous sequences at every opportunity.



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