‘Manchester bombing’s 23rd victim’: comitted suicide after attack

Floral tribute to victims of London bombings
The so called 23rd survivor of the London bombings was found dead in his home because Manchester attack left him feeling he no longer wanted to live “in a world where these terror attacks continue.”

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Obamacare derogation might affect 23 millions of Americans

Protesters asking for a change
Protests against Obamacare derogation and other measures of Trump´s administration

Human cost of president Donald Trump bill to repeal Obamacare seems to difficult for U.S Senate.

The new decree, approved by the House of Representatives this month, have been evaluated by the Congressional Budget Office. The text of the legislation implies shortages to national public spending, slightly higher than the reduction in tax revenues.

However, 23 Americans might lose the medical insurance by 2026, doubling almost the number of people without coverage, and premiums could skyrocket.

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The Association of Cuban Residents in Venezuela denounces desecration of monument to José Martí


José Martí statue in Caracas
Located in Chacaito, in a pedestrian area from which it begins José Martí Avenue

Yesterday, the Association of Cuban Residents in Venezuela (Accreven) denounced the outrage against the statues of José y Martí and Luis Brión by opposition violent groups in Caracas.

Both statues were covered with hoods, such as those used by violent elements that generate chaos and disorder for more than 50 days.

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Suicide attack in Manchester


At least 19 people are dead and about 50 injured as a consequence of an explosion this Monday at Manchester Arena in England, where pop singer Ariana Grande was performing, Greater Manchester Police said.

Some videos posted on social networks revealed people screaming and running out of the stadium in an unexpected situation that shake up England and the world.

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Ending Palestinian protests in West Bank, Gaza

Dozens of people were injured after protests in support of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike turned violent Friday, with protesters throwing rocks at security forces, who responded with tear gas, grenades and life fire.

The rallies that swept through West Bank and along the Gaza Strip border were held as part of the “Day of Rage” protest action in support of the prisoners in Israeli jails, who have been on hunger strike against unhuman conditions of their incarceration since April 17.

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Women are half of France’s new ministers

macron 3
Macron obtained the presidency representing party !En Marche! 

French President Emmanuel Macron´s cabinet is gender balanced with 11 of 22 posts taken by women.

Some 170 elected officials from the right were earlier criticised by hundreds of other lawmakers after they signed a statement backing Mr Macron.

Although he talked about a cabinet of parity only one of the top five posts, that of defence, went to a woman.

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US ex-intelligence analyst, Chelsea Manning is going to be released after seven years imprisoned

Ex-intelligence analyst

After seven years in a military prison Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S. ex-intelligence analyst Chelsea Elizabeth Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning, December 17, 1987), is going to be released as President Barack Obama announced.

“She had taken responsibility for her crime and her sentence was disproportionate to those received by other whistleblowers”, said Obama.

Manning, a former intelligence analyst in Iraq, was imprisoned in 2013 for leaking more than 700,000 classified U.S. war reports and diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks. She received a 35-year prison sentence, by far the longest punishment ever dished out in the U.S. for a whistleblowing conviction.

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Is Trump leaking classified information?


In the past few days U.S president Donald J. Trump has faced many accusations since his official meeting with Russian minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, last week in the Oval Office, out of view of the US media.  

After Trump´s criticism of the press and the limitations to the reporters role on the White House, there is a jumble in the journalistic guild and Trump-Lavrov reunion is the principal menu on international media.

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