#Ecuadorian Minister Praises Cuban Contribution to Sport Achievements

Havana, Ecuadorian Minister for Sport Pamela Morcillo Ortiz praised Thursday the Cuban contribution in the development and the achievements reached by Ecuador in the field of sports.

In a dialogue with the press at the Havana Sports City, Morcillo Ortiz recognized the work of Cuban coaches in several disciplines, such as athletics, weightlifting and boxing, who have contributed to excellent results by Ecuadorian athletes in international competitions.

‘The coach training our female athlete Angela Tenorio, is a Cuban. Most boxing coaches in the Ecuadorian provinces are from Cuba,’ she said.

Morcillo stressed the need to strenghten the links of friendship and the agreements.

She also highlighted the participation of four boxers in the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, some of which came to eighth and quarterfinals, what in itself is a big result for the nation, as the classification to the 2017 Athletics World Cup in London, obtained a few days ago by the feminine quartet of 4×100 meters.

For the present Olympic cycle, the minister also said that Ecuador has a high performance system similar to the one used in Cuba, in which they work so far with 243 athletes.

The athletes have their participation in all competitions at national and international level guaranteed, in addition to clothing, the necessary implements and a categorized scholarship, according to the results obtained.

She took the chance to thank the government of Cuba and its people for hosting her in her student days.

‘Cuba is a country that gave me the ability to grow professionally and start this way not only in the sporting life, but as a public official to serve my country and of course, Cuba, from wherever we are,’ said.


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