#Constituent Assembly Process in Venezuela Guarantees Justice

Caracas,  The constitutionalist lawyer Enrique Tineo said today that the constituent process called by President Nicolas Maduro vindicates justice in light of the right wing”s attacks on the Venezuelan people.

The National Constituent Assembly armors the social State, in addition to strengthening participatory and leading democracy, Tineo noted on the program ‘Encendidos’, broadcast on Venezolana de Television.

The opposition is charging at the people, society, the State, all strata and structures, thus creating a hostile environment to exercise all powers that must be solved for the country to follow a stable and prosperous course.

Acccording to Tineo, ‘we all feel and suffer the attacks on the Constitution from within and outside Venezuela; therefore, the people support the transformation that implies the constituent process.’

Now we are moving to a higher level of decision-making democracy, because the entire nation participates and plays a leading role in the process, he stated.

They are men and women united by a common history and cultural identity in a democratic, sovereign act in which they propose and elect artists and intellectuals, workers, politicians, scientists, business people and women, among other stockholders, he commented.


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