On Mexican Mother’s Day, Hundreds of Mothers March for Their Disappeared Children

Mothers and relatives of Ayotzinapa 43 students

Mexican mothers are marching for their missing and disappeared children Wednesday, marking Mother´s Day in the country in a mass demonstration to demand justice from the state.

In the heart of Mexico City, hundreds marched from Paseo de la Reforma to the Angel de la Independencia, where organizers read out a manifesto titled, “Neither forgetfulness nor forgiveness nor reconciliation,” and instead demanded the release of political prisoners the world over and a solution to the problem of enforced disappearances by the state.“For us, mothers who have taken their daughters and sons, (May 10) is another day, one more year, and the pain of their forced absence makes the wound more intense,” declared the invitation to the march, which is taking place for the sixth consecutive year. “We do not whisper their names locked in the privacy of our homes, we shout it, we go out and we will continue to go out into the streets, wherever they tell us they may be.”

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