Is Trump leaking classified information?


In the past few days U.S president Donald J. Trump has faced many accusations since his official meeting with Russian minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, last week in the Oval Office, out of view of the US media.  

After Trump´s criticism of the press and the limitations to the reporters role on the White House, there is a jumble in the journalistic guild and Trump-Lavrov reunion is the principal menu on international media.

Apparently, Trump “revealed” classified information and now that possibility is the main concern for Democrat senators that call for the transcripts to be released by the White House. The US Senate Intelligence Committee has also asked for copies of any notes taken in the meeting.

Some media are questioning the fact that only a Russian photographer accompanied the reunion and Trump himself affirmed that the Russian delegation made them believe that the reporter was Lavrov official photographer.

Would the head of the U.S and his presidential team be so naive?

Every government has its own objectives and its no recommended to think that the White House is releasing state´s secrets.

Meanwhile, Trump alleged disclosures are not illegal, as the US president “has the authority to declassify information”.

Could the world believe that U.S will cooperate selflessly with Russia just to erradicate ISIS?

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