#US Entrepreneurs Interested in Cuban Hotel Business

Havana, US businesspersons visiting Havana expressed interest in Cuban tourism, particularly in hotels, during the meeting of the Latin American Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference (SAHIC).

The two-day event, which ends today, drew more than 200 executives from 20 countries, most of them from the United States.

The director of external affairs of the Washington-based Engage Cuba Coalition, Michael Maisel, expressed satisfaction with the development of this meeting and reiterated his colleagues’ desire to lift economic restrictions against this nation. He said the appointment allows the strengthening of relations between the two countries and approaching business opportunities.

He expressed his hope that the current US administration will pronounce favorably on business with the island, but in any case, Engage Cuba will continue its struggle to achieve ties and deals with Havana.

Senior Managing Director of Hospitality Division of New Orleans, Leonard Vance Wormser, established as many relations as possible during the first day of the meeting, to have a closer look to the reality in Cuba.

In particular, he is interested in hotel investment and looks at the possibility of expanding tourist establishments throughout the island.

The Latin American Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference takes place in Hotel Meliá Cohiba in this capital, a meeting in the face of growing tourism in Cuba.

In a timely manner, SAHIC president, Arturo García, considered that this country could be placed in second place as a tourist destination in Latin America, behind Mexico.

The talks are attended by the president of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), David Scowsill. Cuba participated in the two previous SAHIC events: in Lima, Peru (2015) and Guayaquil, Ecuador (2016).



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