Suicide attack in Manchester


At least 19 people are dead and about 50 injured as a consequence of an explosion this Monday at Manchester Arena in England, where pop singer Ariana Grande was performing, Greater Manchester Police said.

Some videos posted on social networks revealed people screaming and running out of the stadium in an unexpected situation that shake up England and the world.

Manchester police said on Twitter that this might be “a terrorist incident until police know otherwise” .

Although this hypothesis can be true, it is too early to conclude that this an act related to ISIS, because this act motivations and its author are not clear yet. Meanwhile, CNN and other media are talking about an attack against West countries and its culture. With its partial information, those media are increasing fear and rejection toward muslims once again and this misunderstood of different cultures is the base of hate and xenophobia.
Before publishing conclusive analysis regarding this regrettable incident that showed panic amongst thousands of people , media have to wait for the police reports. If not, they are performing the same role that mass media during World War II, when Jewish communities were victims of discrimination.
As many personalities, politicians, artists and common people said on Twitter “our     thoughts and prayers go out to the victims”.

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