The Association of Cuban Residents in Venezuela denounces desecration of monument to José Martí


José Martí statue in Caracas
Located in Chacaito, in a pedestrian area from which it begins José Martí Avenue

Yesterday, the Association of Cuban Residents in Venezuela (Accreven) denounced the outrage against the statues of José y Martí and Luis Brión by opposition violent groups in Caracas.

Both statues were covered with hoods, such as those used by violent elements that generate chaos and disorder for more than 50 days.

Accreven members condemned this act and said on a release it was a “provocative, disrespectful and a vandalism”.

“We claim the legacy of José Martí, who has been the guide of many generations of Cubans, inside and outside the country. We reaffirm our love and respect for history, symbols and Cuban culture, also of Venezuela and of all the peoples of the world”.

In reference to the figure of Martí the Accreven release

Refiriéndose a la figura histórica del Héroe Nacional cubano, el comunicado de la Accreven stresses that he “never covered his face to tell his truth and even the sun had to illuminate him in the fateful moment of his fall in combat”.

“A hood could never turn off Martí´s vision” -the release adds- “nor hide in his eyes the sense of good and justice. A hood will not turn off the penetrating light of a man who was able to see a thousand years in the future. A hood will never stop love as a revolutionary energy”.


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