‘Manchester bombing’s 23rd victim’: comitted suicide after attack

Floral tribute to victims of London bombings
The so called 23rd survivor of the London bombings was found dead in his home because Manchester attack left him feeling he no longer wanted to live “in a world where these terror attacks continue.”

Tony Walter worked at a law firm near Edgware Road Underground station, where there was a suicide attack on July 7, 2005 that caused 6 victims.

Since then Walter has been affected and had been particularly distressed by the recent attacks in Westminster and Manchester.

He took time off work in March, after Birmingham-based terrorist Khalid Masood drove into several people on Westminster Bridge and stabbed police officer Keith Palmer.

People close to Walter -52-year-old’s- said that he considered himself “the 23rd victim of the Manchester Arena attack”. He was found at his home in Tottenham, North London, on Wednesday – around 40 hours after the Manchester attacks and he is being treated as a suicide.

During his bereavement farewell Walter’s sister-in-law, Sheila Walter, led the tributes.

“It’s a tragedy and we’re devastated. Tony was such a lovely man,” she said.


The Manchester Arena bombing saw 22 people lose their lives, including 10 children and teens.


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