Trump says, Trump does?

th (3)On the past few months it seems like the world has turned up the “Trumplandia”, keeping up with the controversial actions -or suitable decisions for some power groups- of U.S president Donald Trump.

When he first presented his campaign, he spread an intolerant, xenophobic and misogynist discourse and promised his constituents to bring jobs back, to protect the interests of all citizens and that he “will be the first president in avoiding public shortages”.

It turns out that he’s now trying to eliminate the Obamacare and that his administration is promoting a cut of nearly 3 per cent to social programs.

On his twitter account @realDonaldTrump he just published that his “job as president is to do everything within his power to give America a level playing field, but he´s taking the wrong way.

While Trump is playing his role, poverty is increasing and thousands of foreigners that did hard works before, are being expulsed because of their migratory status.

Concerning the claimed “wall” on the Mexican border, the president made all kind of threats about his neighboring country payment duty. Although, both countries seem to get along very well on foreign policy issues.

Recently, Mr. Trump announced that the U.S is out of the Paris Accord regarding climate change, a decision that many European leaders rejected. And to complete the week he talked about the backing off the newfound commercial and diplomatic relationship with Cuba, initiated by Barack Obama.

Engage Cuba has estimated that completely dismantling Obama´s historic rapprochement with Cuba will cost the U.S economy 6.6 billion and 12, 295 jobs over the course of Trump´s first term in office alone.

The conclusion is that not all of Trump promises during elections can become true and that his most radical determinations are being fervently driven by his followers in the White House.


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