Migration and Labor Justice in the Eyes of the International Forum

Geneva, Governance of labor migration around the world and equitable recruitment are among the topics prioritized on the agenda of the 106th International Labor Conference of the ILO, which is being held today in this capital.

According to experts from the International Labor Organization (ILO), the analysis should make an important contribution to discussions on migration on a global scale, with trends towards disorderly growth in precarious conditions.

ILO estimates indicate that nearly 73 percent of the 206.6 million migrants of working age (over 15) are workers, and about 44 percent of the total are women.

According to various studies, the job search is currently the main cause of most international migration.’This reality, therefore, should be fully reflected in the commitments that the United Nations Member States are willing to take with the Global Pact for a secure, regular and orderly migration’, which should be adopted in 2018, ILO specialist Ryszard Cholewinski said.

With exchanges until next June 16, the Conference counted yesterday on its opening day with the participation of Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez and ILO Secretary General Guy Ryder, among other personalities.

According to Ryder, human activities related to work are largely responsible for climate change, but they can also play a key role in finding solutions to this urgent issue.

The world, he stated, does not have to choose between job creation and ecological preservation; environmental sustainability is also imperative from the labor market perspective.


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