When hate takes control over people

The opposition’s “national backlash” left another negative balance

As a result of protests and violent acts to demand president Nicolás Maduro dimission, many inocent Venezuelan have lost their lives. Today the news of another man´s death was spread on press. It was a truck driver killed in the state Zulia,  and another two people left with severe burns after opposition protesters attacked them with molotov cocktails.

According to a victim of the attack, the trucker attempted to avoid being attacked at the barricade and collided into a motorcycle behind the vehicle, trapping the motorcyclist under the truck before protesters threw the petrol bombs.

“We came across the barricade .. and those who had blocked the way began throwing stones at us to loot the truck and when we went in reverse, we hit the motorcycle,” said Jose Bravo, who was in the passenger seat of the truck.

“(The motorcyclist) lay injured on the road and then they threw Molotov bombs at us and set the truck on fire. The boy burned to death and my colleague and I were rescued,” Bravo continued.

Bravo, 33, suffered third-degree burns to 95 percent of his body, was sent to the Coromoto Hospital’s Burn Unit to receive treatment.

The motorcyclist was identified as 20 years old Luigin Paz.

This is one of several acts that may be qualified as terrorists acts such as the recent attacks to Supreme Justice Court in Caracas, recently denounced by the Venezuelan authorities.

These are the events that media don´t judge properly and some don´t tell the truth saying that the attacks are government´s responsibility.

And so, there are hypocrite politicians that only accuse the constitutional government of going against opposition and they don´t mention the anti-government groups leadership in summoning criminals that don´t make any distinctions between his victims, whether or not they are Bolivarian supporters or opponents.


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