China: the discovery of human giants remains

Researchers believe the remains found belong to members of a Neolithic civilization that developed in the Yellow River Basin

Chinese archaeologists have discovered in the eastern province of Shandong remains of human ‘giants’ who lived there about 5,000 years ago, reports the TASS news agency quoting Zhongguo Sinvenvan portal. According to the researchers, the height of these unusual tall people was over nine feet. They believe the remains found belong to members of the Neolithic Longshan civilization, which inhabited the Yellow River Basin (also known as Huang He).

“We came to this conclusion after studying the bones. In life, they were certainly even higher,” told Fang Hui, head of the Center for History and Culture Studies at Shandong University. “I think this figure is explained by the presence of abundant food sources to which these people had access,” he added.

The discovery occurred during excavations in the Jinan city area that began in 2016. So far, scientists have discovered the remains of more than 100 buildings, 200 tombs and around 20 slaughter wells.

Archaeologists have also determined that the ancestors of the Chinese who lived in the eastern part of the country’s 5,000 years ago developed agriculture remarkably. Among other activities, they were dedicated to the cultivation of cereals and to the rearing of pigs.


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