Activists continue protests against G20 in Hamburg


A protester holds a flare during a protest ahead of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany

“Welcome to Hell.” That’s the greeting for U.S. President Donald Trump and other world leaders on Thursday from anti-capitalist protesters in Hamburg who want to disrupt the July 7-8 G20 Summit.

Thousands of people are expected to gather at the fish market in the borough of St Pauli this Thursday around the same time as Trump arrives in Hamburg. They will then march north to the heavily secured Summit venue.

Besides Trump, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies will also attend the two-day summit.

Several small demonstrations took place relatively peacefully in Hamburg this week. However, on Tuesday night, riot police used water cannons and pepper spray to disperse crowds at an unauthorized protest camp, leaving five people injured.

Hamburg is boosting its police force with reinforcements from around the country for the Summit and will have 20,000 officers on duty to patrol the city’s streets, skies and waterways.

Previous G20 Summits in recent years have usually been held in remote locations, but Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to hold the Summit in the center of Germany’s second-largest city partly to show that “healthy democracies” could tolerate protests.



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