US against Venezuela… perhaps against the world?

Donald Trump promised ” strong and swift economic action” if Venezuela continues with the National Constituent Assembly.

Fernando Cutz, the director for South America of Donald Trump’s National Security Council, promised tough measures against Venezuela but didn´t give details in a White House briefing Tuesday.

Cutz told journalists that no decision has yet been taken on new sanctions against Venezuela, not specific actions nor the names of individuals or entities that might be targeted.

The briefing occurred soon after President Trump threatened to take “strong and swift economic action” if the Venezuelan government “continues with elections for a Constituent Assembly on July 30”.

Isn´t that threat similar to that Trump made to Cuban government when he appeared in Miami to promise same robust measures. And anyone can ask itself why trump administration is taking such hard decisions regarding other countries that is not U.S?

Perhaps U.S “think tanks” are planning antoher war like in Afghanistan, Iraq or Siria? Even though the script is different, the objectives still the same: to make their interests and self-security prevail.

This time the White House is taking advantage of a crisis in Venezuela to crash a government which is not convenient to U.S plans in Latin America.

Venezuela doesn´t need another intervention like the tragic interventions in Panama, where many people got killed just to capture one man. Those countries which forget the past are condemned to live the horror again.

If Venezuela didn´t find a solution on its own, the answer is not agressive and “strong economic actions” like Trump said.

And the story about the president promise goes on…

President Donald Trump has been working actively on Venezuela, talking to over a dozen leaders in the region, because he is “very troubled about the well-being of the Venezuelan people” and “the incredible erosion of democracy there.” He sees Venezuela as a “disaster,” with a bad leader who is “moving in the direction of becoming a dictator,” and who has destroyed “a prosperous, middle-class country” through corruption and narco-trafficking.”

The United States is working multilaterally with many countries all around the world on possible new sanctions or other measures. The U.S and the European Union are trying to prevent “the full dictatorship model that Maduro is striving for.”

Washington solution is a possible suspension of oil imports from Venezuela, which supplies about 10 percent of U.S. oil sold to the U.S., and sanctions on the Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA.

However, the administration didn´t talk about the impact of such measures on U.S. jobs and consumers.

The United States is not considering a Haiti type solution, with a military intervention that didn´t help in any way to Haitian people, but again stated that if the circumstances demanded, all options were possible with Venezuela.


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