Sao Paulo Forum concludes with a claim for Latin American countries unity


For the first time in the history of Latin America and the Caribbean countries have developing processes of revolutionary transformation or progressive social reform. But these achievements are threatened by a regional right-wing offensive to reverse social transformations in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

The biggest error of Latin American people is to forget a past of horror, of coups d`états, of plans for training mercenaries, of tortures, military dictatorships and thousands of disappeared progressive leaders. All those episodes were the result of conservative and imperialist groups action.

Now the Sao Paulo Forum is focused in building a genuine system of regional integration to stop the attacks over legitimized governments, and to contribute to the construction of a multipolar world in which there is a correlation of forces favorable to the peoples.

The Forum objective is to join forces in the governmental space, parties, social and intellectual movements to relaunch the processes of Latin American and Caribbean integration, which have the most precious space in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), whose development and consolidation should be a first order task.

The only way to stop imperial neoprotectionism promoted by U.S president Donald Trump, which seeks to modify in favor of the United States – but not to suppress – the terms under which relations of that power with the rest of the world have been established within the framework of neoliberal globalization that the imperialist powers have pushed and will continue to do.

To stop coups d’état like in Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil, the solution are strong and valid regional organizations to defend its member nations´ rights to self-determination and true independence.

The attempted coup in Venezuela and the economic war against this country promoted even from the OAS is a demonstration of the corruption and the lack of validity of this institution in the current Latin American context.

Recently, president Donald Trump made public offensive statements against Cuba and said his country will take strong and rapid economic action in case the Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly takes place on July 30.

How many acts of imperialist interventionism can Latin American countries withstand?
A radicalization of popular forces and activation of apathetic or manipulative sectors is needed in order to change the economic and social difficulties in which millions of Latin Americans and Caribbeans still live.

There are other regional integration models like the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America, that put the efforts on human development and welfare.

The priority of progressive forces is facing with clever strategies the imperial and oligarchic actions that seek to undermine the social bases of the left through marginality and the most atrocious banalization.
A model that, in the economic field,consists of the coexistence of private enterprise with a new economic sector of a popular character, in which workers can create their own means of production, and where the State is the guarantor of this complementary economic democracy is the Forum proposal to reach prosperity with social equity and the eradication of poverty on the region.
This new political and social model needs a political instrument that promotes popular protagonism and the construction of a collective national and popular will.

All the leaders, organizations and social movements gathered in Nicaragua for the Sao Paulo Forum have claimed that a multi-center and multi-polar world is the key for humanity survivance.

At the same time, they ratify the commitment to the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, approved at the Second CELAC Summit held in Cuba in January 2014, which should guide their international action, as well as the defense of universally recognized values in law.

One of the most important messages of the people reunited for the Forum was the call of unity to defend Venezuela from a military intervention like those in Middle East, which have only condemned countries to caos and death.


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