Venezuela: is opposition a general force or a fabrication?


While some people in West Caracas are working, on the East side the opposition supporters are disturbing and setting barricades.

A few weeks ago, Venezuelan opposition published a document with “more than 17 millions of signs” to stop the National Constituent Assembly that will take place this July, 30. Taking into account that the number of Venezuelan population is over 30 millions, the amount of signs reported by the opposition should be enough to solve the political crisis through international mediation.

But the truth is that the segments of Venezuelan population disagreeing with the government do not make the majority to make Nicolas Maduro resign.

Saddly, media only talk about the oppositors and forget the ones who are supporting the constitutional government. The news only refers to casualties of the opposition in the war they themselves exacerbated. Mostly of the deads have occured as a result of violent and criminal acts which will never be criticized.

This Thursday the opposition was summoned to a national strike to try to stop the Constituent Assembly. It´s not a surprise that the so called Table of Democratic Unity (MUD) and its leaders are making all kinds of actions -event summoning criminal and terrorist attacks- to remove this mechanism and Venezuelan presidency and they don´t have a solid program to rule in favor of citizenship yet.

Today, while people in West Caracas were heading to work, in some parts of the mainly affluent East side of the city, right-wing opposition supporters proceeded to block some of the main roads, preventing transportation from moving normally.

Right-wing violence results during the day were a man set on fire after being hit by an explosive thrown from a rooftop, and a police post set on fire across the street from the state television station VTV, which received threats that led to the evacuation of its nursery in order to keep the children safe.

Although workers who live in Western Caracas were limited to reaching Eastern areas because of the roadblocks, people don´t want to see their lives interrupted by those violent groups.

The National Constituent Assembly (ANC) on July 30 has to take place because it is not a fabrication like the opposition ones, but an effort to ease political tensions and bring about peace for Venezuela.




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