Mexico: inmates for collective protection over torture

Mexico’s prisons are corrupted and overcrowded

Nearly 400 inmates of Mexico’s Chiconautla state prison have won a collective protection for torture and case fabrication that will reopen their judiciary processes.

The petition for collective protection was leaded by Jose Humbertus Perez Espinoza, who founded the association Presumption of Innocence and Human Rights to ensure inmates receive due legal process.

The Tenth District Court of the State of Mexico stated that “the justice of the union will protect” the 396 inmates who denounced irregularities in their cases, including fabrication of evidence and producing confessions under torture.

In consequence, authorities should reopen the inmates´ files and replace pretrial detention with release under bond, which means that the inmates will be freed if they can meet their bail conditions.

The Chiconautla state prison has been consistently denounced for its deplorable living conditions and corruption.

Around 50 inmates are confined into cells built for eight. Furthermore, visitors were forced to bribe prison guards to deliver food to inmates and prisoners have to pay for the “privilege” of sleeping on a concrete bed.



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