Financing the fire on Venezuela


Opposition leaders gathered in the so called “Table of Democratic Unit” became the principal promoters of violence in Venezuela. The solution for their politic conflicts with Chavista militancy is the “Zero Hour”, a new violent escalation of anti-Chavez in the country´s streets to try to make a coup of State, instead of a pacific dialogue.

Even though many people are protesting against the former government and that many civilians got killed, media have made a  malicious and little objective interpretation of reality.

Mostly of press talk about victims, but not a single one makes clear that the majority of murderers are common criminals payed for those acts. Could media ever be objective, at least not to be pitiful fabricators of lies ?

Media only show a face of reality, hidding the other majority of Venezuelans that support Nicolas Maduro government.

Now, with the country divided, what´s the MUD and the opposition proposal? To make “Venezuela burn”.

To do this they have several financing channels, the main one coming from the United States Congress and the State Department via NGOs, political parties, foundations, in short, the so-called civil society of representative democracy, according to data provided by Mission Truth.

However, the guarimbas and the plot that promote the overthrow of the Bolivarian Government have other alternative and unofficial ways to provide funds that serve their actions. On the Go Fund Me website is a page of crowdfunding called “Venezuela: Zero Hour” which, although still has little money compiled by now, is a channel that serves as an indirect intervention mechanism and money laundering through financing Of masks, gloves, vests, shields and other supplies used by the violent and armed antichavism.

This is not the only example of crowdfunding, there are dozens of channels in Go Fund Me that promote “virtual potazos” for the benefit of the guarimbas – always from the United States and with dollars – in diverse areas like artisan armaments and the health of the “Warriors of freedom”.

Button of the latter is the case of “Embrace Our Venezuelan Heroes”, which according to the page seeks to raise funds for the following “priorities”: 1. Costs of Clinics / Hospitals and Medical Supplies that require the injured as a result of the demonstrations 2. Contribution for the maintenance of the rescue groups 3. Contribution with some expenses for the journalistic coverage “. This crowdfunding has already collected more than 10 thousand dollars, that seen at the current rate of the parallel dollar represent 84 million bolívares to finance the violence.

To these are added other channels already covered by this gallery: this is the case of crowdfunding for the guarimbas in Venezuela of “Cascos-Vs-Bombas Donations to Vzla” with the review of other pages that are responsible for collecting financial funds, next to the Individuals involved, who serve as inputs for the violent vanguard of anti-Chavezism within the framework of a plan to concretize a coup in Venezuela.

A well-known Venezuelan terrorist, José Colina, from Miami (USA) coordinates the delivery of supplies for guarimbas through different channels, including irregular and even illegal routes such as smuggling and laundering of financial capital on the Venezuelan border.

Thus, violent opposition groups are not born spontaneously but from logistical resources and financial support from abroad to expand their irregular operations and destructive capacity, in tune with the gradual coordination to build an irregular army, support the call “Zero Hour” that both announces the MUD in its internal despair and international pressure to stage a coup against Chavez.


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