The CIA´s open war against Venezuela

descarga (1)
Venezuelan recruited official Gabriel Hernán Pérez

It seems sanctions and diplomatic and media siege to Venezuela are not enough to try to tear down the Bolivarian Revolution. Today, as an irrefutable proof of the destabilizing and obscene activity, the US and its best conspiracy organization -CIA- are inciting Venezuelan officers to turn against its government to serve other countries interests.

A few days ago, the truth about CIA intervention on Venezuelan conflict was revealed when second secretary of the Venezuelan embassy in Panama, Gabriel Hernán Pérez, declared himself against the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), leaded by “chavistas” deputies.

CIA officer Brandon Nolen – second secretary of the Office of Political Affairs of the US embassy at that time – recruited Perez from mid-2015 on the basis of the offer of large sums of money. Since then Perez also received direct instructions from another CIA officer, Nicolas Wisecarver, in charge of economic affairs at the diplomatic headquarters. Another CIA officer, implicated in the work of espionage and subversion by the agent Perez, was the official of the Political Office named Cedar Cheyene Balaz, who moved to the US embassy in Colombia in late 2016 with an agenda almost similar to The one played in Panama against Venezuela.

Following direct instructions from the CIA Gabriel H. Pérez announced his public resignation as a diplomat in Panama on July 25, as he allegedly disagreed with the call to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) in his country scheduled to be held five days later. On July 28 he presented himself at a press conference at the National Bar Association of Panama, falsely arguing that it was a personal decision to resign, while thanking the support received by the community of Venezuelan residents in that country and by The local authorities. Many were suspicious that Perez’s words responded to a pre-elaborated script aimed at attacking the ANC, Maduro’s government and inciting the resignation of other Venezuelan diplomats in other nations, such as the case of the other traitorous Isais Medina in NY. This event featured figures such as those of Andreína Chacint and Theoscar Lisboa, both leaders of anti-Chávez groups in Panama and involved in anti-Venezuelan conspiracies.

There is no doubt about the “timely” resignations of Pérez and Medina – both captured by the CIA – part of the dirty war against Venezuela implemented by the US, the OAS and several of the Latin American nations, particularly Panama who was in charge of Present the proposal of the 20 to the OAS and carry out activism against Venezuela in that forum of July 26 and other projects in recent times, disputing with the governments of Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, the most lacayunas postures possible. Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela surrendered to the pressure of Trump in the meeting between them and swore obedience to the US to play the role of unconditional pawn within the OAS and SICA.

The CIA, then, is undoubtedly behind the whole scaffolding of attacks against Venezuela.


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