17 States demand Trump administration towards migrants


The Donald Trump administration was sued Tuesday by 17 states and the District of Columbia, which are seeking to stop what they called its “cruel and unlawful” policy of forcibly separating immigrant families who enter the country from Mexico.

In a complaint filed with the United States district court in Seattle, the states called President Donald Trump’s June 20 executive order purporting to suspend the separations “illusory.”

The complaint said the administration’s policy is also unconstitutional in part because it is “motivated by animus and a desire to harm” immigrants arriving from Latin America.

The Trump administration has been particularly cruel to Latin American migrants alleging that they are thieves, rapists, murderers or that they come from what the xenophobic president himself called “sewer countries”.

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How to end a government?


Nicaragua’s opposition paramilitary intimidation and media terror campaign have brought fear, insecurity, and hardship to around 30 of Nicaragua’s 153 municipalities.

The last months a dirty war has been unleashed in the central country as a justification to provoke teh resignation of Daniel Ortega, democratically re-elected in 2016.

The wave of violence unleashed by the most reactionary sectors in that country is aimed at sowing panic in the population and at attracting international attention so that the Sandinista government is accused before the same repressive and subversive mechanisms of the Latin American oligarchies, mainly in the OAS.

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Nicaragua and the challenge of mantainig peace

“Nicaragua belongs to all of us, and we all stay here… the owners of Nicaragua are all Nicaraguans, regardless of religion and political ideology,” said president Daniel Ortega in front of thousands of supporters during a Mothers’ Day event Wednesday.

Ortegnicaragua_barrickade.jpg_1718483346a rejected the opposition’s petition for his resignation and reminded the public of the “long journey” Nicaragua had gone through reach peace, from the armed conflict since the 1960s to peace agreements in the 1990s.

The president expressed his willingness to reach a peaceful agreement with the opposition groups, in the face of the violence, which had led to the suspension of negotiations last week.

“We want peace for all Nicaraguan families, security for all Nicaraguan families, from the one that has more to the one that has less, because we all have the same rights in front of God and the law,” said Ortega.

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Elections in Cuba: Like Nowhere Else!

Cubans review candidates for municipal elections.

No banners. No posters. No placards. No advertisements. No slogans. No campaigning. It is Election Day in Cuba, yet I cannot see any sign of it. Some 27,000 candidates are competing for 605 seats in the Cuban National Assembly, yet I cannot see one.

It’s Sunday, Nov. 26, and there’s no sign either that yesterday was the first anniversary of the death of Cuba’s “Eternal Commander-in-Chief” Fidel Castro.

I always knew elections are different in Cuba, but never thought it was like this: no sign of people voting to select who will take seats in the National Assembly of People’s Power.

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Trump Politics in Peru’s Progressive People’s Summit


Peru‘s alternative People’s Summit is accomplishing more than its official counterpart, the VIII Summit of Americas, according to the Caribbean Peace Council.

Caribbean Peace Council representative David Comissiong, from Barbados, described the contrast between the two international conventions from both the political and civic perspective.

“I am here primarily as part of the official summit, but the civilian society segment of it (the Summit of Americas) almost did not get off the ground because there was such a tremendous protest against the exclusion of Venezuela.”

The VIII Summit of the Americas is taking place April 13 and 14 in Lima, Peru and centers on ‘Democratic Governance against Corruption‘ – at a time when sprawling international scandals have engulfed mutliple Latin American leaders, including former Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

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The weeds undermine the enemies of Cuba at the Lima Summit


We all remember with disdain the so-called “Nena de CADAL”, the Argentine Micaela Hierro Dori, who was one of the main leaders in the recruitment of members of the Cuban internal counterrevolution to achieve their participation in the forums parallel to VII Summit of the Americas in Panama, with the support of the subversive NED and USAID subversive.

But why not reveal the opportunist and immoral interests behind this false activists from “civil society”?.

In the recent years Micaela saw declining her leadership before the eyes of its financiers. Despite her excessive desire for protagonism, she stubbornly maintained her reactionary positions, without taking into account the director of CICES and the leader of the Argentine chapter of the Youth League, which is being viewed with suspicion and distrust within the reactionary sectors breastfed by Washington and the Latin American right.

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Corruption in Latin America: making the common heritage for accumulation by dispossession

Protests against current Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski

If one asks anyone in the streets of Santiago de Chile, La Paz, Lima, Caracas or Mexico City about the main problems in their country, it is very likely that corruption is one of the first names. We can also find this idea by reviewing portals, channels and newspapers, with recent references throughout the region. An extraordinarily significant sample is Brazil, where the President of the Republic was dismissed in 2016 (i) under accusations of mismanagement of public funds by a Senate whose president was imprisoned a few months later on charges of proven corruption; At that time, a vice president was appointed who today faces charges for the same reason, without mentioning that he is trying to carry out a similar case against the now candidate and former president Lula da Silva (ii). Apparently similar situations of impeachment or prosecution processes occur in Ecuador, in Peru and throughout the continent. In the Dominican Republic, the so-called “Green March” brings together sectors of the left, center and right that mobilize hundreds of thousands against the corruption of the State, a similar case occurring in Haiti.

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Unmasking Luis Almagro… I

DYcipVRWkAAI1pdLuis Almagro, the OAS General Secretary, is taking advantage of these and every day in the corrupt organization he is leading to incite even more hate and divisions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

On February, the anti-Cuban Mafia of Florida honored him by declaring the Almagro´s Day, due to his efforts in promoting a military intervention to solve conflicts in Venezuela.

Since then and even before he has not spared words and all sort of dark negotiations to discredit the government of Nicolas Maduro, and the efforts for a peaceful solution to the crisis.

It seems like every time Almagro is recognized for his leadership in “defense of human rights”, he wanted to shine more telling lies and calling for a direct confrontation in Venezuela. And the cost -of course- could be worst than those of 2017, when Venezuelan opposition  promoted several violent acts in the name of democracy.

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U.S. senator Marco Rubio, about liberties…

descargaThe Republican senator of the United States, Marco Rubio, has directly and publicly encouraged the Venezuelan military corps to an uprising.

On February 28, he said to The New Herald: “The Venezuelan military, with popular support, can put an end to this dictatorship and restore freedom, dignity and the right of the people to govern themselves. If they decide to do it, I think they will enjoy enormous support from the United States and other free countries, ”

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