The vote for the #AmericanPeople

DibujoLess than 30 percent of United States eligible voters have participated in the country’s presidential primaries in both Democratic and Republican races so far according to several polling and survey services made public this Wednesday, while at least 42 percent of the voter population is registered as “independents”.

According to the latest figures by Pew Research Center, only 17 percent of Republican registered voters have participated in primaries so far. On the Democratic side, only 11.7 percent participated in the party’s primaries. Continue reading “The vote for the #AmericanPeople”


Bill Clinton Says Sanders Supporters Would Murder Wall Street

Former President Bill Clinton.
Former President William Clinton. Photo: Reuters


The former president joksed that Sanders’ rhetoric encourages supporters to “shoot every third person on Wall Street.”

Former President Bill Clinton has again upped the ante in the rhetorical battle between his wife and competitor Bernie Sanders ahead of the April 19 New York primary.

“One of the few things I really haven’t enjoyed about this primary: I think it’s fine that all these young students have been so enthusiastic for her opponent and (Sanders) sounds so good: ‘Just shoot every third person on Wall Street and everything will be fine,'” Clinton said at an event in Fort Washington, New York on Friday, according to CNN.

Clinton was accusing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders of using violent rhetoric against the wealthy in his campaign against his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He went on to say that the fact that fewer people working in the U.S.’ financial center was proof that the Dodd-Frank Wall Street regulations were working. Clinton then said that the “inequality problem is rooted in the shareholder-first mentality and the absence of training for the jobs of tomorrow,” dismissing much of Sanders’ critiques of Wall Street. Clinton has since said that it was nothing more than a joke.

#Bernie Sanders Supporters Have Taken Over #Twitter and It Is Glorious

Despite the corporate media repeating the “Hillary is inevitable” narrative ad nauseum after the March 15 primary contests, Bernie Sanders’ base is taking Twitter to tell everyone why they’re refusing to give up. As of 9:30 Eastern time on Wednesday night, #StillSanders was the top nationwide trend on Twitter:


One tweet compiled a list of popular progressive issues ranging from trade, war, the environment, Wall Street, marijuana prohibition, LGBT marriage equality, and campaign finance reform, and put Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s records side-by-side:Tweets making a case for Sanders as a compassionate leader who has a long record of looking out for disenfranchised populations went viral, as did tweets about Sanders’ consistency on fighting poverty and income inequality.

Clinton’s delegate lead is likely to erode after the coming Western primaries, where Bernie Sanders is the favorable candidate in Pacific Northwestern states like Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Large states with lots of delegates at play, like New York and California, are home to a significant number of Sanders donors, as well.:

Sanders’ delegate count is only slightly behind Hillary Clinton’s, as he only needs 58% of the vote going forward. And as Twitter users pointed out today, half of the delegates in the Democratic primary have yet to be awarded, and most of the states where these delegates are up for grabs are in states where Sanders enjoys vast support, both in votes and donations.Others chose to look at Sanders’ viability in the general election. According to New York Times election results, Sanders won 460,316 votes to Donald Trump’s 458,151 votes in North Carolina.However, this tweet from @cindywaitt shows why Sanders supporters won’t stop backing their favorite candidate: Bernie Sanders isn’t just a candidate, but a movement.

Bernie Sanders’ Path Forward 

Since the beginning of the presidential campaign Bernie Sanders has received little coverage and has been counted out of having any possibility of winning the Democratic nomination. Though the candidate has gained momentum as he continues his campaign, after Tuesday’s loss, mainstream media outlets counted Sanders out completely, claiming it is basically impossible to reach the number of delegates needed for the nomination. If we examine the numbers closely Hillary Clinton is ahead of Sanders by 314 pledged delegates and there are still 2,308 delegates up for grabs in the upcoming months.

Greg Guma the author of The People’s Republic: Vermont and the Sanders Revolution told teleSUR that the path to the nomination is far from over. “Over the next three months we have the states of California, we have New York, we have the Midwest and the Atlantic coast. Even though Hillary Clinton has won certain states in the South, the South is not the key to either the primary or the election as many of the people in the leadership of the Democratic Party understand the key to winning the Democratic primary and the election is to win the coasts, to win the East coast and the West coast, that has not yet been decided and Bernie has just as good a chance,” Guma said.

Another aspect of the Sanders campaign that is often overlooked is the reasons that have driven the campaign to gain momentum. There has been an overwhelming number of young people, between the ages of 18 and 29 who have been supporting Sanders with very high percentages. According to Richard Wolff a Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Massachussetts, Amherst this proves a shift in the future of American politics that is breaking the standards of the traditional old establishment Democratic Party.

“To understand the phenomena of Bernie Sanders is to understand that he proves a fundamental shift in American politics is underway. I know from my own direct experience that the Democratic Party leadership expected Mr. Sanders to get between 1 and 3 percent of the vote in this election, period. The fact that he has done as well as he has done getting an excess of 40 percent or even closer to half the votes in so many states and winning as many states as he has is a unspeakable change in American politics and will have enormous ramifications for the future,” Wolff said.

Wolff also explained that this movement of young people is driven by their disappointment. Prior generations were able to make the so called “American Dream” come true, but the current generation feels that a change is needed in order to get that promise back, they see in Sanders that change that they are seeking. Wolff told teleSUR, “You have a generation of people who have been fundamentally disappointed, that’s the minimum word to use, the maximum word is betrayed.

They have been promised an American Dream that is not available to them anymore.” He added, “This is the first generation in American history to be told that they only way to get a decent job is to have a college degree and at the same time that the only way to get a college degree is to take on tens of thousands of dollars in debt. This is not a viable arrangement and it betrays the promise that their parents made to them.”

With all of these factors in mind there is still a path for Bernie Sanders to win the nomination, but beyond that, the candidate is helping to shift the political spectrum in the United States. The Sanders campaign is still confident that moving forward they will be able to obtain the nomination. In a press release statement, Senator Sanders congratulated Hillary Clinton on her victories, but highlighted that he intends to continue all the way to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. “With more than half the delegates yet to be chosen and a calendar that favors us in the weeks and months to come, we remain confident that our campaign is on a path to win the nomination,” Sanders said.