Cuba defends itself before the OAS, Felipe Calderon and Mariana Aylwin

“Cuba will never return to the OAS,” Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote in a statement. 

Cuba denied entry to the Organization of American States (OAS), head of the OAS, Luis Almagro, who was to receive a prize from a mercenary group in Havana.

The socialist government also denied entry to former Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Mariana Aylwin, daughter of former Chilean President Patricio Aylwin.

Mainstream media quickly painted Cuba’s decision to block their entry as another example of the country’s so-called “totalitarianism.” But shortly after they released these reports, Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned a statement clearing up these accusations.

“The plan, plotted on several trips between Washington and other capitals of the region, was to mount in Havana an open and serious provocation against the Cuban government, generate internal instability, and damage the international image of the country,” the statement reads.

“Upon learning of these plans and enforcing the laws that underpin the nation’s sovereignty, the Cuban government decided to deny foreign nationals associated with the events described above to the national territory.”

According to the statement, Cuba refused entry to Almagro for three main reasons:

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Argentina cries. Chile celebrates

 Chile against Argentina . Messi against Vidal

 Lionel Messi missed during penalty shots, ultimately handing the victory to Chile.

Lionel Messi, the man whom Argentina was expecting to lead the country to victory, was ultimately responsible for their defeat.

The scrappy match was determined via penalty shots after a scoreless extra 30 minutes of play. Chile came out on top, scoring four penalty shots to Argentina’s two.

The Argentine keeper managed to block Chile’s first attempt, but that was followed by a errant kick by Messi.

Lucas Biglia’s shot was blocked by the Chilean keeper Claudio Bravo, leaving the match in Francisco Silva’s hands who put his shot past Sergio Romero.

Chile successfuly defended its crown, having won the Copa America tournament in 2015. Argentina has now gone 23 years without winning a major tournament.

Match Preview Argentina vs. Chile

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