Mexico stands up


Rescuers and volunteers are still working to find possible survivors after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit central Mexico, killing at least 230 people and toppling over 40 buildings.

Only 32 years after the big quake in 1985 and the same september 19, Mexican felt shocked and repeated “not again”.

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Sao Paulo Forum concludes with a claim for Latin American countries unity


For the first time in the history of Latin America and the Caribbean countries have developing processes of revolutionary transformation or progressive social reform. But these achievements are threatened by a regional right-wing offensive to reverse social transformations in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

The biggest error of Latin American people is to forget a past of horror, of coups d`états, of plans for training mercenaries, of tortures, military dictatorships and thousands of disappeared progressive leaders. All those episodes were the result of conservative and imperialist groups action.

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Support for Sanders

bernie-sanders-campaign-2016According to a study released Monday by the non-partisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, most households would see net benefits under U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ proposals.

Among Sanders’ proposed programs are single-payer health care, the expansion of Social Security benefits, free college tuition at public universities and paid family leave. He has said payment of these programs will happen though tax changes for individuals and businesses.

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#Cuba Military Cooperation with #US in the Caribbean

Since December 2014, Cuban and U.S. officials have been working to mend bilateral ties. In less than one year, important breakthroughs have been achieved. A Cuban military delegation participated in a historic three-day long security conference sponsored by the United States military’s Southern Command, according to reports by the Associated  Press news agency. Continue reading “#Cuba Military Cooperation with #US in the Caribbean”