Cuba and Antigua Sign Declaration of Solidarity

Cuban President Raul Castro and Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne signed the agreement during an official visit by the brother of the late Fidel Castro.

The leaders of Cuba and Antigua and Barbuda have signed a Declaration of Solidarity and Cooperation in the interests of continued development among the small island nations.

Cuban President Raul Castro and Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne signed the agreement Saturday during an official visit to Antigua by the brother of the late Fidel Castro.

Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra said the “will to expand and strengthen cooperation between Antigua and Cuba marked official talks between the two leaders,” describing the event as “fruitful.”

“It is essential to promote an international environment that favors the development of countries of the South, in particular of small island developing states,” Sierra posted on his Twitter account. “The negotiations between both parties were fruitful.”

Castro delivered a speech of “friendship and fraternity” during Saturday’s Assembly of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, Sierra noted.

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The youth of Cuba pay tribute to the commander Fidel Castro


The youth of Cuba have come together in an evening of cultural activities across the Caribbean island to commemorate the first anniversary of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro’s death.

The Union of Communist Youth organized the “political-cultural evening” marking the “physical death” of El Comandante.

Televised footage of the event showed vast crowds gathered in the capital Saturday night, with students and other youths amassed on the steps of the prestigious University of Havana.

The celebrations, which included a public concert, marked the passage of a year since the man who liberated Cuba was pronounced dead at the age of 90.

Medical students from Cuba’s Federación de Estudiantes de la Enseñanza Media (FEEM) told local radio station Radio Rebelde: “We know well that preserving our socialist project is to keep Fidel’s legacy in our hearts.”

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What should be the future of US foreign policy?


The US foreign policy hostility is not a recent episode with president Donald Trump as the main character from now on.

As soon as Trump assumed the presidency he has spread intolerance, racism and all kind of agressive speeches against other nations. But his arrogant and disrespectful behavior is being an incentive for extremists groups and white supremacists in his own country.

Under Trump´s empire, the world is living in constant uncertainty because of his threats regarding a nuclear war, a military intervention in venezuela or the building of the border wall with Mexico.

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Irma hit hard the Caribbean countries

Hurricane Irma a record Category 5 storm churns across the Atlantic Ocean on a collision course with Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

At least 26 dead people  and substantial material losses are reported after the crossing of the hurricane Irma through most of the Caribbean islands.

Nature seems to be charging a pay to human civilization due to climate change. Experts say hurricane Irma and other environmental disasters today are not like in the past because of global warming, pollution and greenhouse gases.

Even though capital defenders denied it, the industries ecological harm is the reason why our planet is on the verge of collapse.

Meanwhile, some governments -like the US- are proud to be out the few strategies to stop human extinction.

Unfortunately, people who suffer natural disasters´ impact are not the minority that owns the resources and industries, but the disadvantaged.



Epic film explores life of Che Guevara’s Bolivian-Japanese Comrade


A new film regarding a little-known comrade in-arms of iconic Argentine Ernesto “Che” Guevara will premiere this October in Tokyo on the 50th anniversary of the Latin American martyr’s death. Titled “Ernesto,” the Japanese production revolves around Freddy Maymura Hurtado, a Japanese-descended Bolivian guerrilla who fought alongside Che and the National Liberation Army of Bolivia, or ELN.

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Kentucky and Arkansas against U.S policies recoil towards Cuba


A coalition of the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States launched the Kentucky-Engage State Council of Cuba to promote policies of rapprochement between that US territory and the Caribbean island.

The group is made up of political and business leaders and headed by state agriculture commissioner Ryan Quarles and Blue Equity executive director Jonathan Blue.

According to the members of the Council the economic, commercial and financial siege affects the companies and farmers of the territory, and the Cuban people.

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A tribute to Fidel Castro in Sao Paulo Forum


The twenty-third meeting of the São Paulo Forum which takes place in Managua, Nicaragua, paid tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and the heroic Cuban-Argentinean Commander Ernesto (Che) Guevara.

Over 300 delegates of social movements and leftist political parties in Latin America and the Caribbean gathered on the Forum dedicated cheers and applause to the two colossal figures of contemporary history.

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73% of Democrats want to see Trump impeached, according to a survey

U.S president Donald Trump is the living proof of an Empire decadence
A drug and alcohol rehabilitation group has published a study which shows nearly 75 percent of Democrats want so deeply President Donald Trump’s immediate impeachment, they would give up booze forever.

Detox, the advocacy group behind the recent poll, interviewed 1,013 men and women who identify as active alcohol consumers.

The group revealed that 73.3 percent of Democrats would never drink again if Trump were impeached “tomorrow,” while perhaps a surprisingly high 17 percent of Republicans would give up the bottle.

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Young Cuban Intellectuals Condemn Trump’s Announcement

Havana,  Young Cuban artists and writers, brought together in the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS), have joined several organizations that have condemned the policy change towards the Caribbean island announced by U.S. President Donald Trump recently.
During the AHS National Council, the artists declared their support for the message from the National Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) against the ‘manipulative’ speech given by the Republican leader on June 16 in Miami.