Pictures of a free people.

just pictures, no need of words…

Cubans, celebreting international workers´Day.

Primero de Mayo: Cuba desfiló por el Día Internacional de los Trabajadores (+ Fotos y Video)

People participate in the Workers

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Elections in Cuba: Like Nowhere Else!

Cubans review candidates for municipal elections.

No banners. No posters. No placards. No advertisements. No slogans. No campaigning. It is Election Day in Cuba, yet I cannot see any sign of it. Some 27,000 candidates are competing for 605 seats in the Cuban National Assembly, yet I cannot see one.

It’s Sunday, Nov. 26, and there’s no sign either that yesterday was the first anniversary of the death of Cuba’s “Eternal Commander-in-Chief” Fidel Castro.

I always knew elections are different in Cuba, but never thought it was like this: no sign of people voting to select who will take seats in the National Assembly of People’s Power.

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The weeds undermine the enemies of Cuba at the Lima Summit


We all remember with disdain the so-called “Nena de CADAL”, the Argentine Micaela Hierro Dori, who was one of the main leaders in the recruitment of members of the Cuban internal counterrevolution to achieve their participation in the forums parallel to VII Summit of the Americas in Panama, with the support of the subversive NED and USAID subversive.

But why not reveal the opportunist and immoral interests behind this false activists from “civil society”?.

In the recent years Micaela saw declining her leadership before the eyes of its financiers. Despite her excessive desire for protagonism, she stubbornly maintained her reactionary positions, without taking into account the director of CICES and the leader of the Argentine chapter of the Youth League, which is being viewed with suspicion and distrust within the reactionary sectors breastfed by Washington and the Latin American right.

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Unmasking Luis Almagro… I

DYcipVRWkAAI1pdLuis Almagro, the OAS General Secretary, is taking advantage of these and every day in the corrupt organization he is leading to incite even more hate and divisions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

On February, the anti-Cuban Mafia of Florida honored him by declaring the Almagro´s Day, due to his efforts in promoting a military intervention to solve conflicts in Venezuela.

Since then and even before he has not spared words and all sort of dark negotiations to discredit the government of Nicolas Maduro, and the efforts for a peaceful solution to the crisis.

It seems like every time Almagro is recognized for his leadership in “defense of human rights”, he wanted to shine more telling lies and calling for a direct confrontation in Venezuela. And the cost -of course- could be worst than those of 2017, when Venezuelan opposition  promoted several violent acts in the name of democracy.

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Have Jamaica, St Lucia and Guyana become the ‘three blind mice’ of Caricom?

By David Comissiong

Caribbean Community
Caribbean Community

The United States Department of State and the US’s millionaire secretary of state, Rex Tillerson (former CEO of American multinational oil corporation Exxon Mobil) are celebrating the event they pulled off after engineering the so-called “Lima Group of States” (including of the Caricom states of St Lucia and Guyana) in issuing an international declaration that attacks and vilifies the socialist Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as well as the success of Tillerson’s recent diplomatic effort to enlist Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the Government of Jamaica in the USA ongoing crusade against Venezuela.

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United States turns its plans of military invasion to Latin America

bjhgijuyio The world has only known one aggressive and supremacist government since 19 th century: that of the United States of America. From the very constitution of the nation, U.S government´s policies toward the rest of the Latin American countries, there have been military invasions and coups, subversive and discriminatory plans, shameless exploitation of natural resources and all kinds of attacks promoted by the self-proclaimed government that defends democracy and the freedoms of individuals in and from anywhere in the world. Or should we say the corrupt world police?

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Cuba’s infant mortality reaches its lowest figures in nation’s history


Cuba’s infant mortality rate was 4.1 per 1,000 live births in 2017, the lowest in nation´s history.

“This is a milestone that reflects the integration of the entire health care system in the country, which is about lives saved, quality of life, happiness and satisfaction for our people,” Minister of Public Health Roberto Morales said in an event honoring workers in the sector, the state-run Cuban News Agency reported.

Morales added that it is possible that the rate will even be lower by the end of December.

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Cuba Holds Municipal People’s Power Assemblies

On Sunday, the 168 Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power of Cuba (AMPP) will be constituted through solemn sessions, with the delegates elected during the elections of November 26 and December 3, in those circumscriptions that had a second round.

The vice president of the Electoral Commission in the capital, Pedro Viltres Pérez, reported that from the early hours of the morning “and in unison throughout the province, the constituency delegates elected in the recent partial elections will assume their positions.”

Once formed on December 17 the municipal government agencies in Havana as in the rest of the island, closed the first stage of the current electoral process.

For its part, the president of the National Candidacy Commission, Gisela Duarte, said in an interview for the media “that the municipalities themselves present the candidates for these positions.”

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