NBC apologizes for having praised Japan’s annexation of Korea

nbc_logo_-reuters_x1x.jpg_1334062246It seems that not only some reluctant governments have interfering behaviors concerning relations between countries and state affairs. Recently, NBC was forced to issue an apology after facing major backlash following a guest making remarks that were received as historically and culturally insensitive by viewers.

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What should be the future of US foreign policy?


The US foreign policy hostility is not a recent episode with president Donald Trump as the main character from now on.

As soon as Trump assumed the presidency he has spread intolerance, racism and all kind of agressive speeches against other nations. But his arrogant and disrespectful behavior is being an incentive for extremists groups and white supremacists in his own country.

Under Trump´s empire, the world is living in constant uncertainty because of his threats regarding a nuclear war, a military intervention in venezuela or the building of the border wall with Mexico.

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North Korea: Trump is a ‘psychopath’


A North Korean state newspaper on Thursday called President Trump a “psychopath” and said that he was striking against the country to divert attention from political turmoil in the U.S.

The commentary warns South Korea, a key U.S. ally in the region, against following the lead of “psychopath Trump,” saying that doing so “will only lead to disaster.”

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